minimini in multi perm

Renovated digital wave perm for multi-purpose
Minimized size yet Maximized functions of Wave Permanent Device for multi purposes!

It is a top-of-the-line device for all forms of wave permanent with specially coated rods easy to clip in & off and integrated functions for Digital wave perm, Direct wave Perm and Setting wave Perm to whatever client desire.

* Varied Model Types
        - A Type: Stand
        - B Type: Mini Stand (Desk-top)
        - C Type: Wall-mount

* Temperature Setting for multi-purpose
        - Setting Wave Perm: 140°C (15 min)
        - Digital Wave Perm: 80~120°C
                (Normal hair: 120°C for 12min/Damaged: 100°C for 10min/

                Extra Damaged: 80°C for 8 min)
        - Direct Wave Perm: 60°C for 8 min

* The state-of-art Rod
        - Easy to clip in & off in the similar shape of ear phone connector for
                the least rate of defection or electric short
        - Increased kinds of size:
                → Standard: 12,14,16,20,22mm
                → Option: 18,24,26,28,30,40mm