Wave Master

Wave Master produced by Create boasts off many differences from the former analogue-run heat perm machines that could just manipulate time and temperature considering the overall hair damages.

This fully digitalized machine is programmed to automatically adjust time and temperature in consideration of scattered hair damage and even length of hair, so can be termed 'design' a perm style in a more elaborate way.

① Varied Pre-set menus
: Direct Perm→ 4 sub-selection from coarse, healthy, mild damaged
to severely damaged according to the extent of damage

: S-Style , M-Style, L-Style Perm → To be diversified according
to the length of hair. 4 sub-selection under each menu from
course, healthy, mild damaged to severely damaged according to
the extent of damage

: SPECIAL PERM → To specially operate in two special methods
considering the scattered hair damages; Hi-A, Lo-A (running in
higher temp for a while, then automatically switching down to
lower level), Hi-B, Lo-B (running in lower temp for a while,
then automatically going up to higher level)

② Thin film heating rod
: Coated all over the surface, this special rod attains a fast
heat-up and delivers even distribution of heat on it.

③ Auto Self-Checking & Alarm
: In case of defection or bad connection, warning lamp becomes ON
along with the alarming sound of “Beep” until errors settle.

④ Powerful Cooling fan
: It cools the machine in a sure and fast way!

⑤ Anion Emission: It protects hair and purifies the environment.

⑥ Ocher coated rod (emitting far-infrared rays)
: It goes deep into hair to protect from heat aggression.

⑦ Temperature Indication
: In the course of operation, rod temp. is displayed at real time

⑧ Changeable silicon ring band
: Changed color of rod silicon band indicates the state of

⑨ Separately installed temperature sensor

⑩ One-touch scalp protector

* The state-of-art Rod
- Easy to clip in & off in the similar shape of ear phone connector for
the least rate of defection or electric short
- Increased kinds of size:
→ Standard: 12,14,16,20,22mm
→ Option: 18,24,26,28,30,40mm