Z-Ion Perm Machine

Simple wave perm device with heated rods!

[Operation Manual]

1. Plug in a proper electric standard.
2. Turn on the power switch on the right side of the body.
3. Select the mode according to the state of hairs on the control panel.
Cf.) Time Setting possibly can be changed by manual operation if necessary.

- Normal Hair: Approximately 80℃ for 9 min.
- Damaged Hair: Approximately 70℃ for 8 min.
- Extra Damaged Hair: Approximately 60℃ for 6 min.
5. Press the Start Button.
6. Bell rings five times at the end of setting time.
7. After the ringing of bell, it automatically switches into "Warm" mode for work.
8. After the work is done, switch off the power and unplug it.

[Processing Order]

Please refer to the Processing order of Z-Ion Perm lotion in the COSMETIC menu.

1. Zirconium: Emits 3 times of far-infrared rays as much as normal materials

2. Tourmaline: Emits a number of negative ions. Rods with unbreakable hardness

3. Aluminum: Quicker thermal conduction

4. Anodized technology: Strength & Anti-rust against chemical aggression  

5. Poly carbonated surface of rods: Resistant against heat & pressure