Twin Belle Plus

Most sought-after digital perm device in Asia

Twin Belle is a new concept digital wave permanent device in consideration of the well-being of hair dressers and clients and even the environment of salon, offering the most relaxation to both of them thanks to the release of anion as well as the proven functions as a best perm device. It creates dazzling flip-outs and flamboyant bouncy curls with the power of ceramic heating and ozone technology.

   * Rods
        : Strong & durable plastic rods with little damage on hairs  
        : Temperature indicator along rod line by color
        : 12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26 (mm) in size

    * Air Purifier
        : Simultaneous generation of ozone (Plus Model) & air refresh to
        remove bad odors of chemicals and to purify airs.

    * One-touch Digital Display Panel
        : Fully computerized pre-programmed digital control panel for the
        convenience of hairdressers

    * Rod-connecting terminal
        : Easy-to-connect plug-in wires and power indicating light

    * Approved in CE, PSE (Japan)