New Quick Setting Perm

Bouncy & Long-lasting curls with pure ceramic rods heated up to 160℃

Rated as the sure answer to the conventional way of permanent wave, Setting Perm Perm creates bouncy and elegant curls as well as maintains vividly shiny hairs in a healthy state thanks to the up-to-date ceramic rods & constant heat transmit.

[Processing order]
1. Shampoo & Diagnosis
2. Pre-treatment for damaged parts
3. Apply appropriate perm lotion (for heat perm)
4. Strand check
5. Middle Wash with lukewarm water & Towel Dry (30% of moisture left)
6. Wind with rods & Operate a machine for providing heat (processing time differs according to hair types)
7. Apply neutralizing lotion & wash out with conditioner
8. Blow dry & style

[Operation Manual]

9. Plug it in.
10. Keep power switch of rods off.
11. Start winding by using rod, felt, end paper, & tweezer.
12. Press power on after winding process
13. Press power switch of rods on one by one.
14. Choose function mode in accordance with hair type.
(The time & temperature required can be manually changed)
15. Set up time, temperature & press start button.
16. After the session, start taking rods & tweezers apart at the power buttons of both rods & control panel off.

   * Pure Ceramic Rods
        - Carefully selected ceramic rods emitting far-infrared rays &
          negative ions
        - Size: 13,16,20,25mm
    * Easy-to-connect rods connector
        - Convenient stretch & clip-in connection
    * Operation Indication lights
        - Operation state checked by monitoring lights
    * Adjustable Wing Span
    * One touch Digital control panel
        - Pre-programmed settings for various hair types and conditions