Ergonomically designed for all usages

: New ergonomic design coupled with a ‘Buffing’ plate enables users to create smooth polished hair with natural static-free shine and splendid curls with reinforced handheld comfort. In particular, the plate pair self-adjust to provide perfect contact between your hair and plates, eliminating any damaging "hot spots" and "pressure points" so that it can work through the hair smoothly without pulling. Straightening your hair has never been easier and more enjoyable!

* Plate
  : Easy & comfortable grip handles thanks to the dynamic aligned plate
  : Smooth anodized Materials
  : Preventing hair from pulling out

* Teeth of comb by 2mm tall
  : Shaped in lower outcast, it makes accurately intended creation without any detangling of hairs.

* Temperature Controller
: Properly positioned for manual regulating
: Blue L.E.D. for operation indication

* Approved in CE, PSE (Japan)