① Diagnose hair.
② Shampoo and dry hair with a towel or dryer.
③ Apply preparation products (PPT) and dry hair.
④ Put the contents in a dye bowl and apply it to hair while taking care not to let it contact the scalp.
⑤ Cover your hair with a vinyl cap. Perform heat treatment for 20 minutes after which wait 20 minutes longer (check the hair and wait an extra 5-10 minutes if needed).
⑥ Rinse hair well with water, and always finish with an acid shampoo and rinse.

* Colors - Transparent, Black, Dark Brown, Natural Brown, Light Brown, Orange, and Yellow (7 colors)

- New-concept acid color that combines an anti-graying hair dye and the coating effect of a hair manicure
1. Beautiful, vivid color
2. Excellent dyeing, absorption, and maintenance of color
3. Minimized hair damages by the introduction of hydrogel and natural AKA ingredients